An Indian Cup of Tea


An Indian Cup of Tea

I want to go back to India, and I have barely left Mumbai a month ago.  The smell of the chai, its cardamom and ginger and cinnamon drifting up to my nose calls me back. The sound of rickshaws honking and the sight of them weaving through other cars on the road are missed by my senses. The vibrant blue and yellow and purple sarees of the women as they passed by and the bangles on their wrists that clinked melodically against each other while they worked will never be forgotten.

In some ways I felt more familiar to myself there, like I was now the person I had been brought to India to become. I had arrived, not really knowing what to expect. I had not come to India to change anything about it; instead, the country and its people had worked a transformational change in me. They had allowed me into the real heart of the place and by doing so spared me from viewing it with the eyes of an outsider.

This experience had forever altered both the person I was and my view of the world. India simply cannot be approached with anything but fully open arms and a willing heart. And it will embrace you in return with an exhilarated spirit, splendor and enchantment, nonstop vitality, amazing people and their daily parade of life with struggles, joys and triumphs that passes by every moment. I feel so blessed to have been given this incredible opportunity by CFHI and the people of India.

There were many challenges I faced while in India, but regardless of being a westerner, a female, and not speak Hindi, there is something I always did: I smiled. And people smiled back. Uncountable barriers that separate us for centuries were broken. Unbelievable some said, but true.

I have learned that I can adjust to any circumstances and live in any place in the world. I am looking forward to become a doctor and to practice medicine in rural areas where the supply for is limited and highly need it.

I knew that being part of this program and being exposed to a complete different culture will aid in increasing my awareness for global health understanding, I just did not know up to what level my understanding will increase. The experiences I have acquired through this program will facilitate to establish self-confidence as a future physician. They will enhance the development of trust between my future patients and me regardless the difference in religious beliefs and culture.

A lot more of my experience in India have been described in detail in the following pages. Take you time to read them as you discover a world of exotic beauty, you feel the warmth of the people and their gentle and inquisitive nature. India is all of this and more.

The best way to find yourself is to lose
yourself in the service
of others.

– Gandhi

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