No!…I am not ready yet…


Week 4

Brahma Kumaris’ Global Hospital and Research Center, BSES M G Hospital in Andheri West

 This was my last week in Mumbai…then I realized I was not done…I did not want to leave yet…some many places to see still…people to meet…Mumbai had became familiar to me and easy to adjust…some much to do.

This hospital presents a new model of health care, offering a judicious mix of spirituality, and modern medicine. They believe that a healthy body is not possible without a sound mind or spirit. They are dedicated to promote positive health by incorporating spirituality in modern medical practice and create a spiritual model of health care.

 The hospital is located opposite Andheri Railway Station, in the heart of the city of Mumbai. We either took the train or a rickshaw there. BSES M G Hospital is easily accessible from various parts of the city. The hospital is close to both, the domestic and international airports. The 120-bedded hospital is equipped with 22 intensive care beds. The hospital provides almost every type of service, in the fields of diagnosis, investigations, treatment and rehabilitation. Other facilities include a Day Care center, Specialty Clinics, and a Sports Medicine Center.

Although most of the patients that receive medical care on this hospital have to pay for it, the management seems to be aware of the medical disparities that exist in Mumbai. They have established a General Ward that offers medical services without charge to patient unable to afford to see a physician. There are 4 specialty clinics: General Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics and Gynecology. The ward runs for a limited time 8am to 12 in the afternoon daily. Patients need to arrive early to place their name in the waiting list. Many do not get to be seen. The waiting room on this ward was absolutely full during the week that I was at the hospital.

Throughout the course of the week I witnessed several procedures as a cleft palate repair surgery, an angiography, varicose vein removal, hip fracture surgery, tubal ligation or tubectomy, and a circumcision. We were also given a tour of the hospital and its corresponding departments.


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